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Rosal clásico, de flor grande. Fuerte, vigoroso, elegante. El más popular de entre los rosales.
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Armeria maritima  or Sea thrift is a small, slow and low growing plant. It is notable for its pink or white flowering in spring and its tolerance to drought and salinity
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The Calceolaria is a plant of interior or exterior but without exposure to direct sunlight. It is very striking because of the color of their flowers and the form of these.
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Polygala myrtifolia is a very bushy type shrub. Perennial leaves mainly in warmer areas and plenty of lila-purple flower from spring to autumn. 
Dipladenia Sanderi es una trepadora con flores en forma de campanas blancas, rosadas, rojas o amarillas.
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Pelargonium Crispum, geranium dwarf or Geranium Randy is a Plant very demand in the area of the Mediterranean area as it adapts very well to exhibitions of direct sun.
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Tradescantia plant is appreciated by the color purple, green or scoring sheets, also for its strength and ease of cultivation.
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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is a succulent perennial of long flowering, very popular, that we can plant both outdoors and indoors.
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The GO!Tunia® is an annual plant with colorful flowers that are exhibited abundantly in spring.  
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Platycodom grandiflorum is an herbaceous perennial which offers its blooming of bell like flowers during the summer. Blue, white or pink
Sunpatienses sun or impatiens. Is a showy flower from spring up to the arrival of the cold weather covering of colour both gardens and balconies.
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The Pyrostegia or Bignonia Venusta or Ignea is a vigorous fast-growing climber and cascades of orange blossoms in the winter.
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