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Special fertilizer for cactus and succulents
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Vegetal soil from recesses, sifted and with no added  fertilizer. ASK FOR PRICES FOR BIG QUANTITY OR TO BE DELIVERED WITH 
Vegetable soil from sieved recesses, without any kind of fertilizer. ASK FOR PRICES IN THE CASE OF BIG QUANTITIES.
Spanish grass. Grama catalana - stenotaphrum secundatum- m2. TRANSPORT COSTS APART.
Lawn in rolls bermuda grass - cynodon dactylon - "la prima". sqm2. Easy to place and ready to use.
Classic rosebush, with big flowers. Strong, powerfull, elegante. The most popular between the rosebushes.
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Polygala myrtifolia is a very bushy type shrub. Perennial leaves mainly in warmer areas and plenty of lila-purple flower from spring to autumn. 
Dipladenia Sanderi is a climber with flowers in the form of white, pink, red or yellow bells.
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Pelargonium Crispum, geranium dwarf or Geranium Randy is a Plant very demand in the area of the Mediterranean area as it adapts very well to exhibitions of direct sun.
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Tradescantia plant is appreciated by the color purple, green or scoring sheets, also for its strength and ease of cultivation.
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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is a succulent perennial of long flowering, very popular, that we can plant both outdoors and indoors.
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The GO!Tunia® is an annual plant with colorful flowers that are exhibited abundantly in spring.  
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