A selection of plants native to the tropics, perfectly adapted to warm climates which are normally used for making tropical gardens style.

Plants for a tropical garden 

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Croton or Codiaeum variegatum stands out for the striking color of its leaves. Perfect indoor plant or to give color to a tropical garden
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Tradescantia plant is appreciated by the color purple, green or scoring sheets, also for its strength and ease of cultivation.
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The Stephanotis Floribunda or Madagascar jasmine is a climbing plant with bright green leaves and fragrant white flowers.
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The Begonia Semperflorens is very resilient and blooms all year round.
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The Asplenium Nidus is a tropical fern very resistant and longevity.
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Strelitzia Reginae or Bird of Paradise, is a herbaceous plant cultivated as much as for garden plant as for cut flower due to the elegance of its leaves and the exotic of its flowers.
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Begonia Dragon Wing is a herbaceous plant vivaz of long flowering and low maintenance.
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Syagrus romanzoffiana or Queen palm is a fast growing palm tree. Very popular plant of medium size. Arched leaves provide this palm of a magestic type form.  PRICES DEPENDS ON HEIGHT AND SIZEPLEASE REQUEST:tlf:952.83.00.57info@viverosgonzalez.com
Schefflera arboricola is an evergreen shrub used for hedges as well at the sun as at shade. Very used because of its hardness and its ornamental value. Can be used in areas near the sea.
Bougainvillea is a climber plant with eye-catching flowering and color which we use for covering walls, fences and even for hedges.
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The Dypsis or Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens is a very popular and durable indoor palm, with shrub and light foliage, easy to care for and very decorative.
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Cycas revoluta or Sago palm is one of the most popular plants used in landscaping in the Mediterranean area. Of slow growth and for areas of warm climates.
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