Pelargonium zonale. Red geranium.

Pelargonium Zonale or Geranium is a plant with colorful flowers for almost the whole year.
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Pelargonium Zonale - The Everlasting Floral Charm


Native to South Africa, Pelargonium Zonale, commonly known as Geranium, has captivated plant enthusiasts for centuries. Its presence in gardens and pots dates back to ancient times, cherished for its lushness and vibrant colors.


This small perennial shrub, a member of the Geraniaceae family, boasts a rounded, evergreen form. Its leafy foliage provides the perfect backdrop for the beautiful, large flowers that adorn its branches in a diverse palette of colors.


To maintain its lushness, it's crucial to remove faded flowers from the stem. In pots, provide liquid or slow-release fertilizer every fifteen days to nurture its vitality. The preventive application of insecticides is advisable to protect it from possible attacks by the "African butterfly."


The key to a healthy geranium is proper watering. Ensure the substrate is moist but not waterlogged. Avoid overwatering, as excess water can be detrimental.


Prune in spring and autumn, focusing on removing damaged stems and shaping. Also, remove damaged leaves and add a layer of substrate during this process.


While adaptable, Pelargonium Zonale thrives best in direct sunlight. Place it in areas where it can receive as much light as possible to stimulate more abundant flowering.

Additional Tip:

Don't forget to enjoy the care process. The connection with your plants is as vital as the water and sunlight they receive. Go ahead, cultivate beauty in your green space with Pelargonium Zonale!


Data sheet

Pelargonium Zonale - Geranium
Zonal geranium is native to South Africa and is one of the most popular and widely cultivated geranium species around the world.
50-100 cm
This species is characterized by its bright flowers, which can be red, pink, white, or purple, and its distinctive leaves with zonal markings that are typically darker in the center.
In spring and summer, but in warm weather it flowers almost the whole year
It blooms from spring to winter, providing vibrant and consistent color in the garden for most of the year.est in climates with temperatures ranging from 12°C to 25°C.
Water when the soil is dry to the touch, avoiding waterlogging to keep the plant healthy and prevent diseases

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