Erigeron karvinskianus

Erigeron karvinskianus is a very hardy plant with beautiful white-pink flowers and low maintenance.

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Description: Erigeron karvinskianus, commonly known as Santa Barbara daisy, is a charming perennial native to Mexico. Its beauty and hardiness have made it a popular choice for gardens around the world.

History: Erigeron karvinskianus has a fascinating history. This plant has been admired for centuries in Central America because of its hardiness and ability to flourish in virtually any environment. Its name "karvinskianus" is a tribute to Wilhelm Friedrich Karwinski von Karwin, a 19th century German botanist who contributed significantly to the study of Mexican flora.

Care: Erigeron karvinskianus is a low-maintenance plant, ideal for beginners and gardening enthusiasts alike. Here are some tips on how to care for it:

Soil: It prefers well-drained, slightly alkaline soils.

Light: This plant likes full sun, but can also tolerate some partial shade.

Watering: Water regularly, keeping the substrate moist but not waterlogged.

Pruning: Prune lightly after flowering to promote compact and abundant growth.

Fertilisation: Fertilise in spring with a balanced fertiliser.

Pests: Erigeron karvinskianus is generally resistant to pests and diseases, but keep an eye out for snails and slugs.

Climate Adaptation: This plant is extremely versatile in terms of climate adaptation. It can survive in hot and cold climates, and is resistant to moderate frosts. However, it performs best in regions with mild winters and moderate summers.

Uses: Erigeron karvinskianus is perfect for a variety of uses in your garden. It can be used as a ground cover, in hanging containers or in garden borders. Its small white and pink flowers add a charming touch to any outdoor space.


Data sheet

Erigeron Karvinskianus
South Africa
20 cm
Colours flowers
From spring to autumn
Often used in hanging pots, rockeries and gardeners
Sales format
Pot of 13cms diametre
Can't resist frosts
Being a live plant and depending on the season, the plant may be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photograph, but as similar as possible. This does not affect the quality of the plant.

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