Euryops chrysanthemoides - Golden daisy bush.

The Euryops chrysanthemoides - Golden daisy bush is a resistant shrub of vivid yellow flowers.
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Euryops virgineus, commonly known as "Honey Euryops," is a perennial plant known for its resilience and prolonged flowering period. It features bright green leaves and small yellow flowers resembling tiny daisies, offering a visual spectacle nearly year-round. This plant is ideal for adding a pop of color to rock gardens, path borders, and as a focal species in pots.

Origin and History

Native to South Africa, Euryops virgineus has adapted well to various climates and is particularly popular in Mediterranean regions. Its popularity stems from its ability to bloom for most of the year, making it a preferred choice for both public and private gardens seeking constant color.

General Care

Euryops virgineus is an easy-care plant that requires minimal attention once established. It prefers sunny locations where it can receive several hours of direct sunlight daily. It is drought-resistant once established, but regular watering will encourage more abundant and prolonged flowering.


This shrub requires moderate watering. Although it can tolerate periods of drought, regular watering during the summer months will help maintain its vibrant flowering. In winter, watering should be more spaced out, adjusted according to weather conditions.


Pruning of Euryops virgineus is done to maintain its shape and promote denser flowering. It is recommended to prune old branches and faded flowers at the end of winter or beginning of spring to stimulate the growth of new shoots and flowers.

Planting Instructions

1. Choose a location with full sun exposure.

2. Ensure the soil has good drainage.

3. Space plants about 30-40 cm apart to allow adequate growth.

4. Water thoroughly after planting to establish roots.

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Data sheet

Euryops chrysanthemoides - Golden daisy bush
South Africa
Up to 1.5 meters.
Euryops chrysanthemoides. Grey foliage, Euryops pectinatus. Green foliage.
From autumn to spring.
To form clumps or groups in bloom.
It lasts up to -8ºC and withstands long periods of drought.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, it plant could be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting on quality of the same.

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