Crossandra infundibuliformis

The Crosandra is a shrub that produces beautiful orange flowers.
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The genus Crossandra belongs to the family Acanthaceae and consists of about 50 species of evergreen shrubs and subshrubs native to India, Arabia and Africa. 
Crossandras are small shrubs about 1.5 metres high. Their leaves are dark green, veined, opposite and ovate or lanceolate. The flowering season is from spring to autumn with funnel-shaped flowers (red or orange) grouped on peduncles with long bracts (Leaves that arise from the flower stalk of certain plants, and often differ from the true leaf in shape, consistency and colour).
Likes semi-shaded exposure in summer and more light (no direct sun) in winter. They do not tolerate temperatures below 15°C and lack of humidity. They are ideal plants for indoors.
Watering should be abundant throughout the year, as well as spraying the leaves with lukewarm water without lime, but without wetting the flowers.
The soil it likes is a light soil rich in humus, for example with a high proportion of peat. Transplanting should be done in spring.
It is preferable to fertilise weekly with mineral fertiliser for indoor plants from late winter to mid-summer.
The greatest danger for these plants is the lack of humidity, which causes the leaves to curl up, the flowers to fall off and makes them susceptible to spider mite attack.
It is good to prune the youngest specimens to encourage branching.
They can be propagated from seeds sown in spring.

Data sheet

Africa, Arabia
Up to 3 meters high
Flower of varied colors
Almost all the year
For Gardens and gardeners, and as a small potted indoor plant
Resistant to temperatures up to the -7º
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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