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copy of Impatiens walleriana. Busy Lizzie

Impatiens Walleriana most well know as Busy Lizzie is a  annual plant famous because of the simplicity and colourful flowers which perform for long periods.
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Welcome to Viveros González, where beauty blooms with Impatiens Walleriana!

Origin and Description:

Impatiens Walleriana, a charming herbaceous plant from the Balsaminaceaes family, is commonly cultivated as an annual treasure. Its reputation is built on its prolific and long-lasting flowering, illuminating gardens and spaces for much of the year.


This species has captured the hearts of gardening enthusiasts for its resilience and ease of blooming. At Viveros González, we take pride in sharing its charm and versatility, offering varieties that dazzle in vibrant colors.


Cultivating it is straightforward: using liquid or slow-release fertilizers, depending on its placement in pots or gardens, will maintain its vigor and splendor. Proper pruning is key to keeping its appearance radiant, along with rich substrates and optimal drainage to avoid water stagnation.

Watering and Pruning:

Controlling watering is essential to prevent stem rot. Regular pruning helps maintain its shape and vitality. And let's not forget: adequate doses of light are crucial for lush flowering.

Specific Care:

It's worth mentioning that a lack of light can affect its blooming, while the presence of insects like whiteflies or red spider mites can be addressed with measures to increase humidity in the environment.

Sowing Period:

Though a perennial herbaceous plant, we commonly treat it as an annual, sowing it from early spring until October/November. At Viveros González, we offer a variety of colors for you to choose from and specify your preferences when placing your order.

At Viveros González, we're passionate about providing natural beauty and quality care to make your garden flourish with splendor. Discover Impatiens Walleriana and transform your space with vibrant colors and lush flowers all year round!


Data sheet

Impatiens walleriana. Busy lizzie.
India and China
Up to 20cm
To alter
From spring to autumn
Semi shade or not strong sun.
Abundant but do not overwater.
Usually used for gardens and pots but can also be taken inside with plenty of light and in hanging basket.
Sales format
Pot of 11cms diametre
It does not resist the frosts

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