Fuchsia hybrida.

The Fuchsia is a plant of exotic flowers that hang like tendrils.
  Look  how Fuchsias can grow. 
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Fuchsia Hybrida: An Elegant Shrub from the Onagraceae Family

Brief History: Fuchsia Hybrida, belonging to the Onagraceae family, is a charming shrub that has earned a special place in the hearts of garden enthusiasts worldwide. With over a hundred recognized species, most of which are found in South America and New Zealand, along with thousands of hybrids, this plant has been admired for generations.

Description: Fuchsia Hybrida is known for its unique beauty. Its exquisite flowers, available in a wide variety of colors, often feature bright and vibrant hues. These flowers, which start blooming in spring and continue into autumn, attract hummingbirds and butterflies, turning your garden into a natural spectacle.

This plant can take various forms, from bushy and upright varieties to hanging and climbing types, making it versatile and suitable for different garden styles.

Care - Watering and Fertilization: For Fuchsia Hybrida to thrive, it's essential to provide the right care. The soil should be rich and well-draining to prevent waterlogging that can harm the roots. Place it in a shaded spot with ample light or in partial shade, shielding it from cold and strong winds or drafts.

Watering should be consistent but moderate. Avoid letting the soil dry out completely between waterings, but make sure not to overwater. Fertilization is crucial for its development. Fertilize the plant from spring to mid-summer to keep it healthy and blooming.

Adaptation to Cold and Heat: Fuchsia Hybrida is known for its hardiness, and some varieties can even survive through the winter. For those less cold-resistant, pruning during autumn and placing them in a location where the temperature stays between 5°C and 7°C will protect them during the winter. They will come back vigorously in spring.

However, it's important to note that this plant is sensitive to extreme heat. Avoid temperatures that exceed approximately 26°C, as this can damage it.

Fuchsia Hybrida is commonly used as an annual plant since its lifespan usually lasts for a year, but with proper care, it can provide unmatched beauty season after season.

Add a touch of charm and color to your garden with the elegant Fuchsia Hybrida from Viveros González. A perfect choice to create a natural beauty oasis in your outdoor space!


Data sheet

Fuchsia or Pending of the queen.
Up to 1.5 m.
Petals of different shades of red, purple, white and fuchsias.
Spring to Autumn
Semi shade.
For outdoor gardens and home interior
Minimum temperature that resists is 7ºC.
Being this product alive plant and depending on the season, the plant can be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting the quality of the same.

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