Cuphea hyssopifolia- lila

The Cuphea Hyssopifolia is a small subshrub of low 
maintenance and small flowers in white, purple or pink, very used in the realization of small trellis.

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Cuphea hyssopifolia: Miniature Elegance for Your Garden

Brief History:

Cuphea hyssopifolia, also known as "Cuphea" or "Mexican Heather," is a small evergreen shrub that has been dazzling with its beauty since time immemorial. It belongs to the Lythraceae family and has captured the hearts of gardening enthusiasts worldwide.


This charming shrub is characterized by its compact size and evergreen foliage. Its leaves are small and vibrant green, providing a perfect backdrop for its beautiful tubular flowers that range in color from pink to purple. During spring and summer, this shrub bursts into bloom, creating a spectacular sight in your garden.

How to Care - Watering and Fertilizing:

To make your Cuphea hyssopifolia shine at its best, it's essential to provide the right conditions. Plant it in fertile, well-draining soil, ensuring that water doesn't pool around the roots. Watering should be moderate and consistent; avoid overwatering, as this plant prefers to keep its roots slightly moist rather than waterlogged.

To maintain its vigor and density, you can perform rejuvenation pruning after flowering. This encourages compact and healthy growth.

Regarding fertilization, Cuphea hyssopifolia appreciates an annual dose of compost or manure to enrich the soil. During spring and autumn, apply fertilizer once a month, especially if you want to extend the flowering period and keep your shrub in its best shape.

Adaptation to Cold and Heat:

This plant is versatile when it comes to temperatures. It tolerates both moderate cold and intense heat. However, if you live in an area with very cold winters, consider protecting it during the coldest season to ensure it survives and continues to dazzle with its beauty.

Attracting Butterflies and Pest Resistance:

An additional benefit of having Cuphea hyssopifolia in your garden is its ability to attract butterflies. The colorful tubular flowers act as a natural magnet for these beautiful insects, adding extra charm to your outdoor space. Furthermore, this plant is known for its resistance to common garden pests and diseases, making it a reliable and low-maintenance choice.

Whether in a rustic garden or a modern and sophisticated one, Cuphea hyssopifolia brings miniature elegance. Its compact beauty and ease of care make it an ideal choice for any gardening enthusiast looking to add a touch of color and life to their outdoor space. Add a touch of charm to your garden with Cuphea hyssopifolia today!


Data sheet

Cuphea Hyssopifolia
Up to 60cm
Purple and white
From spring to autumn
The sun or semishade
To put in rockery, pots and gardens
Sales format
Poit of 13 cms diameter
It resists up to 5ºC
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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