Ajuga reptans


Its dense foliage is the biggest appeal of this plant. In some varieties, the leaves have purple tones, which gives it great ornamental value.

It is an ground cover plant. It reaches low height, but it can extend more than half a meter along the ground. We can use it for borders and also on rockeries and hillsides.

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Ajuga reptans: A Tapestry of Beauty for Your Garden

At Viveros González, we are delighted to introduce you to Ajuga reptans, a plant that combines history, beauty, and ease of care in a unique package. With its dense foliage and, in some varieties, purple-hued leaves, this plant stands out as a decorative element in your garden. Discover everything you need to know about this wonderful plant!

History: Ajuga reptans, also known as Bugleweed, is native to Europe. Throughout history, it has been valued for both its medicinal properties and its aesthetic appeal in gardening. Its ability to cover the ground and its resistance to adverse conditions have made it a popular choice for landscapers and gardening enthusiasts.

Description: The major attraction of Ajuga reptans is its dense foliage. In some varieties, the leaves exhibit beautiful purple tones that add significant ornamental value to your garden. This ground-covering plant grows to a moderate height but can spread over half a meter across the ground, creating a beautiful carpet of color and texture. During spring, it develops spikes of blue flowers that add an extra touch of charm.

Care: Ajuga reptans is known for its ease of care. Here are some tips to keep it at its best:

Light: It prefers places with partial shade but also thrives in full sun in cooler climates.

Soil: Suitable for a variety of soil types but prefers well-drained soil.

Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water regularly, especially during dry periods.

Pruning: Trim faded flowers to encourage denser and more compact growth.

Climate: Ajuga reptans adapts to a wide range of climates but tends to thrive in regions with mild winters and moderate summers.

Garden Uses: Ajuga reptans is versatile and can be used in various ways in your garden. It's perfect for:

   Path Edging: Create a beautiful border for your garden paths.

   Rock Gardens: Add a pop of color and texture to your rockery areas.

   Slopes: Use it to stabilize and beautify sloped areas in your garden.

At Viveros González, we offer the highest quality Ajuga reptans so that you can enjoy its beauty and versatility in your green space. Add this ground-covering plant to your garden and watch as it transforms your outdoor spaces into a haven of color and freshness.


Data sheet

Ajuga (Ajuga reptans)
20 cm
Hojas verdes o moradas, flores azules
Planta tapizante
Tolera bien el frío
Al tratarse de planta viva y dependiendo de la temporada, la planta puede ser recibida, en algunos casos, no exactamente igual que en la fotografía, aunque sí lo más parecida posible. Sin que ello repercuta en la calidad de la misma.

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