Pelargonium petaltum. Traling geranium. Mix C13

Gitanilla or Pelargonium Petaltum is a hanging plant that is filled with flowers to be the queen of balconies.
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Pelargonium Peltatum, or Ivy Geranium is a southern african subshrub on the geraniaceae family.
This evergreen plant will produce plenty of flowers with only a few cares and during a long period of the year.
To get the best of it  we will plant our Ivy Geranium in a rich soil with a good drain system. Get rid of withered flowers and leaves, detaching them from the base to the stem, this way we will encourage new flowers and will avoid a leggy plant. In the case it happens we can always trim and pinch it, a bushier plant will come up.
Ivy Geranium does not need a lot of water, in fact it is a drought resistant, but of course it will thrive much better when providing regular water. What it really needs is sun to have a larger number of flowers.
Add fertiliser mainly in spring and autumn. Liquid fertiliser when  grown in a pot and slow release fertiliser when it is in the garden.
Special insecticide is necessary to keep african mouth away "cacyreus marshalli"  , from spring to autumn.
In our area Ivy Geranium is cultivated as an evergreen, pruning it by the end of the winter or at the beginning of spring, but in colder climates, normally,  it will not overwinter, so better to replace it every year.

Varieties we sell:

"Ville de Paris", single flowers

"Double Flower" more rounded and big flowers.



Data sheet

Pelargonium peltatun o Gitanilla
South Africa
Up to 60 cm
Red, Pink, White, Bordeaux …
All year round in warm winters.
Sun or semishade
Moderated, without waterlogging.
Are normally put in pots hanging, pergolas, windows, balconies, planters.
It can resist more than 30ºC but starts to suffer with frost.
Sales format
Pot 12/14cm
Being the produc alive plant and depending on the season, the plant can be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting the quality of the same.

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