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Many of our clients tell us the same thing:

"I would love to have a garden, but I just don't have enough space at home."

And even though they love plants, they resign themselves to having only a few pots on the terrace.

But all starts from the mistaken idea that we have of what a garden is.

We think that it is always a large extension of the land, with grass, flower beds, trees and even some hedge.

It's a mistake.

In reality, any small corner can perfectly become a garden. We just need to adapt to the space.

It does not matter if you have a terrace, a small balcony or even a hole under the stairs. The tips we are going to give you in this article can be adapted almost anywhere.

Let's go there

Tips for designing small gardens

There are no small spaces, just badly used.

The challenge when designing a small garden is to play with the elements, dimensions and perspectives to give a feeling of spaciousness.

It's about creating space where there isn't.

Do you believe it is impossible? Do not. 

Only some tricks like these are needed.

Make a vertical garden

When you don't have space to grow wide, it is best to do it upwards.

Vertical gardens are very fashionable lately. Especially in large cities where finding a house with space for a traditional garden is complicated.

This system only needs a wall where plants can grow high.

In fact, it is so versatile that even some people have created a vertical garden inside their homes.

The plants that are most commonly used for this type of gardens are ferns, climbing plants and vines.

Use pots, but with good judgment

The pots will be your best friends in gardens with little space.

In addition, they allow you to vary the design every so often.

Combine plants of different colours and sizes to create a garden that suits your tastes.

Gravel floors

Having little space does not necessarily force you to give up the lawn.

But it is true that planting can be more cumbersome on a small terrace.

Therefore, what we recommend to many of our customers is that they choose to create gravel floors.

It is a simple solution, easy to maintain and very elegant.

Take advantage of the corners

The biggest mistake when creating a garden in a small space is to forget the corners.

Actually, there are many ideas that you can apply to get performance from your terrace angles.

A very aesthetic option is to create rows of pots along the walls that converge at the corners.

Another idea is to turn that corner into the center of the composition. For example, you can cover the gravel floor, add some decorative edging and put your pots there.

The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Low volume species

Too large species can be overwhelming.

Ideally, you shall prioritize plants that do not grow very wide, because they will take up too much space and break the harmony of the composition.

If you want to give more dynamism to the design of a small garden, try combining ground floors with taller ones.

Play with perspective

There are several tricks that will allow you to “create that space” from where there isn't.

For example:

  • If you want your terrace or small garden to appear longer, build it so that the entrance is wider and narrows towards the bottom.

  • To generate a feeling of width, use walls with horizontal lines.

  • Creating several levels within the garden (for example, with a platform), will allow you to give more breadth to the composition.

These little tricks will allow you to take advantage of any space.

Give it a personal touch

Sometimes, all you need is a little decoration to make a garden of any size yours.

You can dress the design with some piece of furniture, or with some kind of decorative element like a vase.

Another option is to use decorated pots.

Need help designing a small garden?

Any corner can become a small garden full of charm.

It's about knowing how to play with the perspectives and elements of your composition.

In Viveros González we have been working with our customers for some time to help them achieve a garden adapted to their needs, regardless of the size they have.

If you have any questions, you can contact us or leave us a comment.


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