Five types of plants for your terrace this summer

Posted By: Adrian Medina

A selection of plants to enjoy your terrace during the summer. Color, aroma, freshness. In pots or planters they will give the most natural touch to your space.

Are you one of those who love having a terrace full of pots the whole year? Then you will have noticed what some of your plants suffer during the warm months. Their leaves turn yellow, dry and, no matter how much you irrigate them, they just can’t resist the sun light and heat. Has it happened to you?

Not all species are able to withstand the heat and light of this season, especially if we live in a Mediterranean or subtropical climate. But that does not mean that you can’t have a colorful terrace the whole year.

These are five types of plants that will do well on your terrace this summer.

Bests plants for gazebos and terraces 

Climbing plants

If we are talking about terrace and outside plants, we can’t forget about the climbing plants. They grow up vertically, so they will hardly take up space, and will be perfect to decorate a wall or pergola. Especially if you choose one like the glycine (wisteria sinensis), which since spring will delight us with a blue or violet bloom and a pleasant aroma.

Another good example of climbing plants is the Bignonia, whose pale pink flowers will give your terrace a very elegant look, or the Bougainvillea (Bouganvilleas) and its characteristic purple blooming.


Colourful flowering plants

Although it is not exactly a type of plant, there are certain species that, in addition to supporting the direct ligth, will delight us during the summer with a brightly colored blooming. The best example might be the geranium, which requires little maintenance and is usually seen on balconies and windows. The advantage of this plant is that we have it available in many colors.

Sunpatiens are a variety of Impatiens that can resist direct sunlight. It really appreciated for its foliage and the bright colors of its petals. It will fit well with species like Gitanilla or the Angelonia.

The advantage of these plants is that they can be placed in a pot and barely take up space, which will allow us to place them wherever we want and create a colourful corner.


Aromatic plants

Why do you need aromatic plants on your terrace? Simple: On the one hand, they will fill our summer nights with its relaxing aroma, creating the perfect environment for a family or friends meeting. In addition, it is precisely that smell, which we like so much, that will keep mosquitoes and other undesirable guests at bay during the summer.

If we are talking about aromatics plants for the terrace, the common jasmine or the night jasmine are perfect options. Both need several hours sun, and their white flowers give off a fresh and unmistakable aroma.

For those who like cooking, aromatic such as basil, thyme or rosemary serve a double purpose: they decorate our terrace, and we can also use them as culinary plants to have fresh condiments always at hand.



It is increasingly common to find trees on the porches and terraces of any house. In this regard, fruit trees like the calamondín, the kumquat or Chinese orange and the limequat (mixture of Chinese orange and lime tree) are a very popular option. All of them are small-sized, so they will fill well in any place. Another option is the lemon tree, which can be grown up in a pot.

Appart from the fruit trees, the boxwood is a discreet and elegant species, which will highlight our flowering plants.



In this case, we find it more difficult to choose one, since practically the whole family of crasas and succulents are ideal to have on a terrace or on a porch. They are elegant and resistant plants that will withstand the excess of light and will survive with little water. This family of plants is one of the most recommended for those who like to go out on holidays.


With these plants you can have a little piece of nature on your terrace this summer.

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