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Do you want to know what gardening trends are like this autumn? In this article we are telling you all about it.

Are you one of those who loves having your home decorated in the latest fashion? Then your garden can not be less.

In this article we are telling you all the trends in gardening inside and outside the home for this autumn.


Trends in garden decoration


According to landscape gardener Fernando Pozuelo, this will be one of the key points of this autumn. In plants, we will see it with the choice of large species, such as palm trees. Regarding the design, it will be characterized by wide spaces, often with roads paved with large tiles.

In the furniture, the sofas make their way outdoor. This will allow us to create a corner to relax with friends and family in our garden.


From the garden to the kitchen

Far from disappearing, the trend of having a vegetable garden continues to rise. Growing our own vegetables is not only a relaxing activity, but also rewards us with delicious and fresh food.

This autumn, the most popular species will be fruit trees and aromatic plants, of which we already talked about in an earlier article.


A place for fun

For those who have children (or for those who are very in touch with their inner child), they will love this trend. More and more landscape designers are betting on integrating playful elements into the gardens they design. Well concealed, these additions will turn the garden into a small playground.


Tribute to nature

The straightjacketed gardens are over. This autumn comes with spaces full of life. A little piece of forest on our terrace.

For this reason, landscape gardeners are increasingly betting on gardens composed of several plants, united in a way that creates the sensation of having sprouted spontaneously.


Furniture with natural look

In garden furniture, plastic and synthetic fibres give way to materials such as wood. To cover them with colour, blue and coral are two of the trendy shades this 2019.


Trends in indoor gardening

While plants are the absolute protagonists in the garden, indoor they play a more discreet role, contributing to create a pleasant and homely atmosphere. Therefore, when talking about indoor gardening trends we must take into account the decorating guidelines that come for this autumn.


The call of the green

A colour that has forced its way inside our homes. Green colour is associated with calm and serenity, but it can also be synonymous with life, energy and nature.

This season the shades of green will stain furniture and walls alike. For the more daring, jungle patterned prints are a good option.


Soft colours succeed

Regarding the shades, we return to the most simple with soft and elegant colour. Very much like ‘living coral’, the official colour of this 2019.

For your plants to match this trend, you can choose cream or white pots.


Natural furniture, also indoors

As with the terrace, wooden furniture and natural fibres will increase this autumn. And this also applies to pots, in which we can change the classic pottery for materials that mimic the appearance of wood.


Blue, a different touch of colour

Finally, a colour that is making some noise this 2019, breaking away with the idea that cold shades cannot create a warm atmosphere. Combine it with materials such as wood to create a pleasant contrast.


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