Plantas colgantes de exterior: 8 especies que puedes usar para decorar tus cestos

Posted By: Adrian Medina

A selection of very common plants but that delight in any corner of the porch, deck or house.

Do yohave a small garden or a terrace with little space

So what yoneed to do is use hanging plants

These species (usually climbing or crawlingare perfect for planting in the typical baskets hanging from the ceiling and 

giving a look to any space

But maybe you're not clear on which species is best.

 If this is your casedon't worry, because in this post we will tell yowhich are the best hanging plants to have outside.

The 8 best outdoor hanging plants 

Hanging plants are usually more or less rustic specieswhich demand little water

These are some of the most used

1. Senecio rowleyanus (rosary plant)

Senecio rowleyanus. Viveros González. Marbella.

2. Pelargonium peltatum (trailling geranium) 

Gitanilla. Geranio de colgar. Pelargoniu peltatum. Viveros González. Marbella

3.  - Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens walleriana. Alegria de la casa. Viveros González. Marbella.

4. Nephrolepsis (Fern)

Nephrolepsis. Helecho. Viveros González. Marbella

  • Fern is a classic of hanging baskets.
  • Its sword-shaped leaves tend to bow when they grow, so they will form very attractive waterfalls.
  • You need to be semi-shaded, but it can withstand the cold and when accostumed it can even withstand the direct sun.

5. Glicinia (Wisteria)

Wisteria. Glicinia. Viveros González. Marbella.

  • If the trailing geranium is the queen of the balconies, it is the glycinia who takes the crown in the pergolas.
  • The most attractive thing about this plant is its flowers, which fall into delicate white clusters and give off a soft aroma when the heat reaches.
  • It is a climbing plant, so we must give it a strong support to help it grow.

6. Surfinia

  • An annual or perennial leaf that  can be hung in full sun without worrying.
  • In summer we should water it often, but be careful not to wet flowers (which could get burnt together with the direct sun or make it more sensitive to pests).
  • It is recommended to remove wilted flowers often.
  • Its main enemies are aphids and the red spider.

7. Hedera (Ivy)

Hedera helix. Hiedra. Viveros González. Marbella.

  • A suitable plant if you live in a garden with Mediterranean climate, and that you will see often covering the coastal houses.
  • If we provide it with the suitable support, the branches of the ivy will fall down in very elegant bunches.
  • Flowers are insignificant, for what its main attractive resides in its leaves themselves.

8. Verbena officinalis (Verbena)

Verbena hybrida blanca. Viveros González. Marbella

  • A plant with flowers that looks beautiful in hanging baskets.
  • Drought resistant when is established, what means that an excess of irrigation can easily cause fungus to appear.
  • It is a short life plant, -sometimes even a couple of years-  but the beauty of its flowers makes it worthwhile.

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