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Valentine is approaching and you should already be thinking about the romantic dinner you are going to celebrate with your partner at home.

Surely you will accompany the meal with flowers, candles, some wine ...

But wouldn't you like to go a little further with Valentine's Day decoration?

You already know that the atmosphere is the most important thing in a romantic dinner, and that has a lot to do with the decoration you choose.

That is why we have thought about offering you some original ideas to create that intimate and personal atmosphere in your home.

And by the way, also put a touch of green, which you know we love.

Five decorating ideas with plants for Valentine's Day

If your partner likes plants, rest assured that with these decorating ideas for Valentine's Day you will steal his heart.

Take note.

Pots with phrases

We are starting with a very simple idea to make that serves both to decorate and to give away as a present.

These pots with phrases are a very personal detail that allow you to tell your partner what you feel in a fun way.

These are the materials you will need:

  • A pot: if you find it white, the better, because this way it will be easier to customize it to your liking. But you can use whatever you have at home.

  • Brushes and paints: for clay pots, the best are acrylic and enamel paint.

  • Coloured paper: so you can write more comfortably the phrase you want to put. Remember that the colour matches the paint.

Once you have everything, the process is very simple.

Start by painting the pots with a design that you like. You can make prints, geometric shapes or even try to paint a landscape, according to your artistic gifts.

Once the paint has dried, print a phrase on the coloured paper and cut it out. Then, paste the cutout to the pot with tape, as shown in the image.

If you need ideas to decorate your pots, this ClobyClau article will give you a few.

And of course, remember to put a plant or a flower in the pot.

Some of the most popular on Valentine's Day are:

  • Orchids

  • Tulips

  • Roses

  • Sunflowers

Although you can always use the plant you like best.


Source: clobyclau

Pots with candy flowers

Is your partner a bit greedy?

Then you will love the idea of ​​this pot with jelly beans flowers.

So you will have a different Valentine's decoration and, in addition, edible.

These are the steps you have to follow:

  • Choose different types of pots: it does not make them large, but it is interesting that they have different shapes or colours to create different designs.

  • Fill the inside of the pots with cork: here we will stick the skewers that will act as stems.

  • Create your plants with the jelly beans that you like best: all that is left is to put imagination and create all types of flowers and plants that you can think of.

If you need a guide, in this video of they explain how you can use several jelly beans to make very varied designs.

Romantic garden decoration

If you have a garden or a terrace, you will most likely want to take advantage of it to celebrate an intimate dinner.

With these simple tips you can turn any space into a romantic corner for both of you.

Trees with a big heart

Love is in the air ... and also in the trees.

To create a romantic atmosphere around dinner, you can decorate your tall plants with hearts tied to strings.

The material does not matter: the simplest is to cut the hearts in red and pink cardstock. You can paint some details or cover them with some fabric that alludes to Valentine's Day.

If crafts are your thing, you can always form hearts with wire and coat them with coloured wool.

The gardener of love

The same hearts that you have made before can also serve you to create an original gardener like this.

The one you have in the picture is very simple to do. You only need:

  • Cardboard and cloth (optional) to shape hearts and leaves.

  • Wooden rods for stems. You can coat them with green tape.

  • Sand to fill the pot. This will make it easier for you to stick the rods and prevent the wind from pulling it.

This gardener will be the perfect accompaniment to the decorated pots.

Decorative and aromatic candles

Of course, there is nothing more romantic on Valentine's Day than dinner by candlelight.

As a detail, you can choose some with a pleasant aroma that accompanies you during dinner.

But don't just put them on the table. If you have enough space, use them to surprise your partner with an illuminated path that leads to the table.

Remember to always place them in transparent containers that resist heat. And if you want to give it a softer touch, you can paint some pink stones and place them at the bottom of the bowl.

Floral centerpiece

If your partner or you like flowers, you will love this option.

Centerpieces with real flowers have become very popular.

In addition, after Valentine's Day it will serve as a piece of natural decoration.

You can create a centerpiece yourself with the plants and flowers of your garden. The base can be any bowl or pot of adequate size, and to keep the flowers in place use foam or metal mesh.

Another option, if you prefer a centerpiece with a professional finish, is that you buy it at a nearby florist or nursery.

Do you want to complete your Valentine's decoration with a decorative plant?

With these decorating ideas you will be able to create in your home a very appropriate environment for Valentine's Day.

But if you don't have time to make crafts, or if you want to complement what you do with a more professional piece, you can take a look at our plants for Valentine's Day.

These pots and floral centers can serve both as a decoration and to give them to your partner.

There are no more excuses for not turning your home into a love nest.


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