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Avocado or Persea American is a fast growing tree and evergreen, ideal for a small garden and very appreciated for its fruit.
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Naranjo o Citrus x sinensis el más conocido de los cítricos, sus flores tienen una fragancia muy particular ( flor de azahar).
The lime or lime is a very ornamental citrus whose fruits are very fragrant and tasty so they are very appreciated for culinary purposes.
The Calamondin, X Citrofortunella mitis or Chinese Naranjo is a very ornamental citrus for its small oranges. A small tree that is covered with fruit from the beginning of autumn.
Persian lime, sweet lime or citrus x latifolia is a magnificent citrus that produces its fruits throughout the year.
Citrus reticulata is a leafy tree with very green leaves whose fruit, the tangerine, is very sobroso and showy on the tree.
The Calamansi mini or the Chinese orange tree is a very ornamental citrus because of its small oranges
Citrus x lemon or Lemon tree is a tree of intense green leaves cultivated for its fruit and appreciated for the fragrance of its flowers.
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