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Pandorea Jasminoides is a climbing plant of rapid growth very cubridora and with flowers from spring to autumn.

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Pandorea Jasminoides is a climbing plant which belongs to the bignoniaceaes family, being an evergreen plant in warmer climates.
Of dark green leaves, or variegated ones (white and green leaves) this vine climber performs very well its function as a covering plant.
Grows vigorously and densely on pergolas, railings or walls, even trees.
Furthermore it will offer us, from spring to the fall, its beautiful trompets like flowers, in white or pink, adding another interest note.
When young, Pandorea Jasminoides needs some type of support and guide.
After flowering we prune the plant for cleaning, to shape it  and to encourage vigor in the following season.

Regarding watering, Pandorea demands moderate irrigation, and of course avoiding soggy soils, increasing the quantity of water during the summer.

Feed the plant in spring and summer, with special fertiliser for climbing plants.

Prune Pandorea Jasminoides during the winter, cleaning it and giving  a proper shape.

If we observe certain decay or little vigor in our plant we can feed it with special fertilizer for climbers.

It is also recommended to fertilize with iron chelate in the case that we observe that its leaves acquire a yellowish tinge.

Normally it does not suffer from garden pests or deseases.


Name Pandorea Jasminoides. Bignonia Jasminoides.
Origen Australia
Height Up to 5 m high.
Color Green leaves and flowers pink and white.
Flowering From spring to autumn.
Location Sun and semi shade.
Irrigation Moderated, without flooding.
Applications As climbing plant, to cover pergolas, walls and gates.
Others It does not withstand temperatures below 0 °c.
Sales format Pot 20cm.
Note Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting on quality of the same.

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