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Christmas tree, Abies nordmanniana, is one of the most used varities of Christmas trees, either with cut roots or potted with roots is

one of the most long lasting ones and beautifuls.

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Abies nordmanniana is a conifer which belongs to the pinaceae family.

Its mayor attractiveness lies on its pyramidal shape and its compact and dense foliage right from the base of the trunk.

This tree growns in highlands between 600 and 1.200 mtrs. high, where the annual average range is around 1.000mm water per year.

It has a slow growth, but in its habitat it can reach as high as 60 mtrs, even there are specimen which overpass this size, with 2 meters diameter of trunk.

There are two sub-especies;

Hay dos subespecies.

There are 2 sub-species:

  • The caucasian one, from the Caucasian mountains.

  • And the turkey variety, from where they are endemic from the province of Belikesir in the noreast of Turkey.

Abies nordmanniana es very much used in big parks of Europe, also for reforestation, although one of its biggest uses is for Christmas trees.

Its leaves are not so sharp as other especies as in other varieties also used like christmas trees, and they are more long lasting ones.

Nevertheless try not to place them very close to radiators, or fireplaces.

You may think it is a pity to cut the tree and later to throw it away after Christmas, however they are cultivated like the cut flowers for the florists shops. There are large plantations dedicated to the cultivation of Christmas trees, in Europe and also in Spain.

Nevertheless, they are also sold with roots into flowerpots.But we need to think where this tree is going to keep on living through after Christmas, where is it going to be planted, since it will need a few specific climatic conditions and may that we regret and think that it should had been better to have allowed it to grow in the nursery and to buy an already cut tree.

In the northeast of Spain there are a large number of nurseries dedicated to the cultivation of various types of Christmas trees in an ecological way, and in addition to the cold, the height and the rain that these trees need, we have to add the existing hours of sun in Spain, which propitiate a more rapid growth of the plant and hence a major production capacity .