Revital green lawn 700ML


Green dye for grass, ideal to restore its natural colour in case of diseases or dry areas due to lack of irrigation.

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Green dye for lawns, ideal to restore their natural colour in case of diseases or dry areas due to lack of watering. With this green dye, the lawn will improve aesthetically without damaging it.


Greatly improves the appearance of the lawn, both in growing season and winter dormancy.

Can be an alternative to re-sowing in damaged areas (cheaper solution).

Provides a deep green colour.

Greener lawn, more beautiful lawn.

Immediate green effect, immediately after application.

Restores green colour in damaged areas.

Does not disappear with irrigation water or rain.

Fast drying.

This product can be diluted with water and applied, or mixed with sand to repair damaged lawns.

It can be applied in the growing season (spring) or in the off-season in winter. In the case of winter, it is a more economical solution to avoid re-seeding, especially in the case of damaged areas.

Easy and safe dosage: Its dosage is very easy thanks to its practical cap, with which it does not come into contact with the product.


Green dye, contains 1,2 benosothiazole - 3(2H) - ONA.


For growth periods: 45 ml in 1 litre of water, for 100 m2 . If a more intense colour is desired, increase the dosage.

On damaged lawns: 3-7 ml per litre of water to spray 1 m2 . The product can be mixed with crop protection treatments.

For the winter period: 700 ml of product to be diluted in 15 litres of water. Adjust the dosage for a more or less intense colour.

In mixture with sand: Dilute 200 ml of product with 200 ml of water. Spray or pour the mixture into 50 kg of sand to treat damaged areas. Adjust dosage for more or less intense colour.


For greening damaged lawns and restoring their natural greenness, improving them aesthetically.

Before application mow the lawn.

Spray the mixture in the desired places.


Do not use on areas other than lawns such as tiles or pavements, in case of spillage or accidental application, rinse quickly with plenty of water.

Keep out of reach of children.


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