Tonic palm fertilizer 250 ml


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It is a reverdeciente for palm trees with specific microelements, ideal in states of stress.

It continues with 250 ml spray.

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The palm-tree tonic stimulates and creates green palm trees

immediately after a period of climatic stress, result of very low temperatures too high or water stress caused by a pronunciation dry season

It  provides nutritional elements directly and immediately through the leaves to re-establish the normal functioning of the metabolism of the plant.

Its specific composition based on nitrogen, magnesium and microelements ensure good growth of palms in unfavorable times.


Period of employment:

February to septembre, during the active vegetation period or when the state of the plant as needed.                            

Apply  first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, avoiding the sun.


Dosage and directions for use:

For 250ml of water: 1.25 ml

To 1 litre of water: 5ml


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