Orchard and garden universal fertilizer 2kg


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Orchard and garden universal fertilizer.

For all types of plants

Long lasting up to 4 months

Dosage: 50gr / m2

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The universal orchard and garden fertilize is a balanced formulation with a25% slow release nitrogen (urea formaldehyde) suitable for any plant of the garden, orchard and lawn.

Thanks to slow release nitrogen, the risk of burns is extremely low and get a sustained growth of plants.

At the same time its lower contents of quick release nitrogen will provide to the plant an immediate effect.

Universal slow release fertilizer with magnesium, nitrogen and sulfur provides the plants nutrients at medium and long term.

Rich in  phosphorus which acts on the set of the fruit and allows a larger flourishment, in addition to help to a better development on the roots, bulbls, and tubers.

Potassium helps to increase the production, and disease resistance to drought.

Magnesium content will help in the photosynthesis process and will make the leaves to be greener.

Time of application:

Any time of year, although the best results will be obtained when making thrree applications:

the first to early spring, the second in june and the third in early september.

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