Fertizer for flowers plants. 1L



Abono plantas de flor favorece y aumenta la floración e impide la caída prematura de las flores.

Es un abono enriquecido con fósforo.

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Fertilizer for flowers plant, is an universal liquid fertilizer for all kinds of flower plants, with all the necessary elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements for a complete and balanced feeding.

It contains also substances that contribute to the assimilation of all the nourishing elements in a rapid way.

With antilime effect and acidify power that allows the correction of the excess of lime in the water, obtaining a slightly acid ph of the water, which helps the assimilation of all the nourishing elements-

Solution of fertilizer NPL 4-6-6 with micronutrients.



1/2 cap or 1.5 liters. 1 cap for 3 liters.

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