Pennisetum setaceum rubrum. C18


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Pennisetum rubrum is a herbaceous with burgundy leaves and reddish spikes.

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Pennisetum rubrum is a perennial or semi-perennial herbaceous in warm climates and belongs to t

he family poaceaes.

It has its appeal in its thin and elongated burgundy leaves that curl and whose spikes stand out on the plant forming a very attractive bush, especially when they are waved by the air.

It needs a sunny or partial shade exposure and a rather sandy or very loose type soil for good drainage.

Pruning can be done in late winter or early spring, and can be cut up about 20cm from the ground.

It is not necessary to fertilize it normally (although good soil can be added if the plant is divided by early spring or early fall). It is usually free from diseases or pests.

This variety of pennisetum is non-invasive.

Sources used in addition to our experience:

Name Pennisetum setaceum rubrum
Origen África, Sureste de Asia y Oriente Medio. Africa, Southeast of Asia and Middle east.
Height Between 0,90 and 1,50 mtrs appx.
Color Leaves and spikes in burgundy colour.
Flowering Summer-autumn
Location Direct sunlight of partial shade.
Irrigation Moderate irrigation when sowing and once the plant is settled scarceley irrigation.
Applications In low-maintenance gardens, both rustic and modern, grouped or hedges, whether we plant it alone or combined with other types of plants.
Others No good plant for areas of frost, where its better to pot them and keep them in the greenhouse for the winter or to cover the plant with some plastic and pine bark.
Sales format Pot of 18cms diameter.