Total herbicide roundup 1L


Total herbicide for garden and home gardens.

Visible effects afeter six hours of the application of the product. 


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Roundup 6H is a systemic, not selective herbicide, which destroys the whole treated vegetation. 
It is possible to use on easy or difficult weeds, in the trees base and shurbs (without the spraying the leaves), before sowing, or to renew a domestic orchard, a lawn, etc.

The first visible symptoms of the control appears after 6 hours of the application of the product, and the effect will depend on the type of the treated weed and climatic conditions.

This is an unique patented formulation which goes down to the underground organs and destroys  the deepest roots of weeds

It can be used in cultivated and not cultivated areas, such as pavings, footpaths, etc.


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