Multipurporse systemic insecticide 100ml


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The systemic multipurpose insecticide lasts for 3-4 weeks of protection. Its use is for ornamental, vegetable garden and fruit trees. It controls and prevents infestations. 5 to 10 ml to 1 liter of water.

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The systemic multipurpose insecticide is wide aspectro-based acetamiprid for controlling multiple plagasen home outdoor gardening.

It does not stain or flowers or leaves.

Mode of action:

-Quick action: by contact and ingestion. First visible results in 24 h (on aphids).

-Preventive action: to be systemic circulates through the SAP and remains active for 3-4 weeks, preventing the re-infestaciones.

Period of employment:

Treated with mild temperatures, no wind and no rain.

Implement in the months from March to October.

How to use:





(FOR 10M)

Ornamental shrub Lacebugs, Mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids and thrips 10 ml/L No term of security
Rose and ornamental herbaceous Mealybugs, whitefly, aphids, thrips 10 ml/L No term of security
Horse-chestnut. Miner 10 ml/L No term of security
Pepper and eggplant White fly 10 ml/L 14 days
Tomato White fly 5-10 ml/L 14 days
Zucchini and cucumber Fly aphids and white 5-10 ml/L 14 days
Lettuce Aphids 5 ml/L 14 days
Potato Beetle 5 ml/L 14 days
Apple, quince and PEAR Capua, codling moth, leaf miners, aphids 10 ml/L 14 days
Cherry Cherry fly and aphids 10 ml/L 14 days

Composition: Acetamiprid. Brand name POLYSECT ULTRA SL

Selling format: 100ml



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