Caterpillar insecticide 2x10 g


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Antioruga biológico bactur 2x wp.Ecologic caterpillar insecticide: " antiorugas sobres"

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The caterpillar insecticide bactur 2x WP is a biological insecticide for selective treatments  against larvae of lepidoptera, very suitable for insects control programmes or biological. 

Its activity is by ingestion. A few hours after having ingested the product BACTUR 2X WP, caterpillars stop to eat and the damage to the plant ceases; mortality complete after the third or fourth day of application.

Has no effect on eggs, nymphs and adults. It is not dangerous for the man or for the terrestrian or aquatic fauna. It is not toxic for predators insects, parasites and other beneficial insects such as bees or bumblebees.

Composition: Bacillus thuringiensis (subspecies kurstaki) 32% (32 million IU per gram), in the form of dust mojable (WP).