Phoenix roebelenii. Pymy date palm.


Phoenix roebelenii or dwarf palm tree, it is a palm tree of not more than 3 meters, ideal for small gardens or for flowerpots and containers. Easy to cultivate and resistant to drought periods.

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Phoenix roebelenii or dwarf palm belongs to the areceaceae family

The interest of this plant lies in its slow growth and its small dimensions to be a palm tree.

Phoenix roebelenii is a good choice as an flowerpots palm tree , but it also looks wonderful in the garden, and much more when combined with other plants.

Feed regularly with specific fertilizer to prevent the new leaves from losing their green color, which will happen on the older leaves before they completely wither, and which need to be cut so that the plant maintains a lushy look 

It is not desirable to cultivate it  in areas with cold cclimatology or frost, although it can resist it is better to protect it in a covered terrace. Equally it supports either periods of drought, although obviously it will thrive better with regular irrigation
It is not suitable to cultivate them in areas of cold climatology or with frosts, in any case to protect in a covered patio, although they can get acclimatized and although he suffers is capable of resisting frosts periods. The same way he supports well drought periods, although obviously it is going to develop better if we water regularly.

 Regarding pests, the most common one is the white cotton mealybug when the temperature and humidity in the environment is high, or mites when the temperature is high and the humidity very low. In both cases, try to get rid of them by the hose to pressure every 2 or 3 days until it dissapear.


Data sheet

Phoenix roebelenii. Palmera enana
Laos in Asia
In its maturity and in appropriate conditions it can reach 3.00 mtrs of height and a glass of 1.5 mtrs aprox.
Brown to grey trunk and glossy green leaves.
It is not significant.
Sun or partial shade
Moderate, making all the deep roots are well hydrated and watering again when the ground is dry. Do not irrigate when the soil is damp.
It is a palm tree suitable for small gardens or to accompany other palm trees of larger dimensions. It is also appropriate for container or containers that go on terraces.
Sales format
Although it is not recommended can withstand very low temperatures up to -6ºC
Al tratarse de planta viva y dependiendo de la temporada, la planta puede ser recibida, en algunos casos, no exactamente igual que en la fotografía, aunque sí lo más parecida posible. Sin que ello repercuta en la calidad de la misma.

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