Pantafer. 1Kg

It is a fast-acting and persistent preventive and curative iron chlorosis corrector.
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A product based on iron chelate, it is a soil-applied iron corrector in which the iron part is in the form of EDDHA chelate, of ortho-ortho isomer.

Pantafer can be used in herbaceous and woody crops established in soils with high lime content and high pH.

It is a soil-applied iron chelate and its effectiveness is enhanced by irrigation or rainfall after incorporation. When applied as a foliar spray, it is advisable to treat in the late afternoon.

Dosage and mode of use:

50-300 g/hl, which can be exceeded with technical assistance.

It is best used on deciduous fruit trees in spring and on evergreen trees in spring and late summer.

The above doses should be adjusted to the nutritional status of the crop. The solutions of these products corrode metals, so the machinery and utensils used should be properly rinsed with plenty of water. Products containing 80% (4.8% of the total product) or more ortho-ortho iron can be applied at significantly lower doses.

They are not recommended to be mixed with phosphoric acid or nitric acid.

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