Preben Hornets Masso 750 ml.


Pralethrin-based insecticidal spray.

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Pralethrin is a pyrethroid with a high knockdown and killing effect on wasps, Asian wasps, hornets and flying insects in general.
It is fast and easy to use and has an excellent immediate action against hornets and contributes to nest elimination.
The aerosol is equipped with a vaporisation device, designed to be able to spray the product up to 4 metres away, thus being able to reach spaces that are difficult to access.
Instructions for use:
It should be sprayed directly on the hornets' nests, by means of directed and discontinuous sprays for 7 - 12 seconds. A wide safety distance should be left to prevent the cloud produced by spraying the product from coming into contact with people.
For greater efficacy and safety in treatment, application should be made early in the morning or at dusk, as these are the hours with the highest number of insect presence and lowest activity.
Praletin 0.3%, isoparaffinic solvent and propellant 100%.

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