Terracottem Soil Conditioner. 750GR.


Terracottem is an effective, easy-to-use environmental technology that contains all the elements necessary for the balanced development of your plants.

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It stores a significant amount of water and nutrients for a long season. This will be given to the plants according to their needs and the frequency of watering can be reduced.

By using this solution, you will enjoy more beautiful, healthier and flowering plants for a longer period of time.


Apply only once. Mix in the appropriate doses with the soil or planting substrate. Plant or repot with this mixture in the usual way.

Can be used at any time of the year on indoor and outdoor plants, green and flowering plants, annuals, perennials, etc.

Acts in the root development zone

The polymers store water and nutrients.

The roots get into the polymers and absorb the amount of water and nutrients necessary for their balanced development.

Instructions for use:

Mix the contents of the sachet with 40 litres of substrate = soil = TC.

Fill the bottom of the container with the mixture.

Place the plant in the container and finish filling with soil + TC

Water abundantly to activate the product


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