Fertilizer plants and geraniums flowers granulation 850gr

Compost Gerarios and flowering plants is of long duration to basis of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.

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Compost Geraniums and plants of Flor, is a balanced nutritious product adapted for the good development of all the geraniums and floral plants of balconies and gardens, using a specific composition.
  • Each granule of the fertilizer releases the right amount of nitrogen and ensures a smooth nutrition, without risks of burning, guaranteeing a sustained growth and an abundant and prolonged flowering.
  • Phosphorous favors flowering; It also promotes stronger roots and more resistant stems.

  • The magnesium increases the intensity of flowering and produces a reverdeciente effect on the foliage.

Employment period:

  • Between March and September, during the period of active growth.

Geraniums: 10 gr per plant.

Floral plants: 60 gr per m.

A stopper equals 60 gr.

An application for 6 months for 85 plants or for 14 m.


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