Platycodon grandiflorus C13 Mix


Platycodom grandiflorum is a perennial herbaceous which offers a eye-catching blooming of spectacular bell flowers in blue, pink, or white.

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Platycodon Grandiflorus or Balloon flower is an herbaceous evergreen plant that belongs to the family of Campanulacea.

It is a hardy one,  not requiring high care, striking by the colour and shape of its flowers, before opening like a balloon-shaped an like an open bell once it blooms.

It needs rich and light substrate with a good drainage to prevent ponding, and a sunny position or part shade - especially in areas of very strong heat-.

Although its pruning is not necessary, take off its wilted flowers to encourage the next flowering.

When a stem wilt cut it to approximately 10cm from the ground. In winter it will be damaged, but it will emerge the following spring.

Trim it when its development do not thrive compact, better during the spring.

Feed Platycodon 15 days through irrigation during the spring and summer with a flowering  fertilizer .


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