Ficus benjamina C13


The Ficus benjanina is well known for its easy care and resistance.

It can be made tree or bonsai.

Fast growing.

Varied colors, if you want a specific color, leave it in a comment or contact us.

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The ficus benjamina also known as Indian laurel or rubber tree.

It is native to Southeast Asia.

The color of its leaves can be intense green or green and yellow, it needs to have a good watering that the earth does not stay dry at all if it could not lose its leaves, although later it can sprout again, it does not die. It needs to be paid in spring and summer.

It does not resist low temperatures, it is advisable that if it is kept outdoors it be protected with low temperatures until the plant acclimatizes. It is also a houseplant, it only needs to have a lot of light.

It can green affected by aphids and mealybugs, which can be fought with a multi-purpose insecticide.


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