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Hardenbergia violacea. C20


Beautiful, non agresive, vine plant of purble flowers and low maintenance.

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Hardenbergia violacea is a perennial or semi-perennial medium size climber which belongs to the fabaceae family.

The genre violacea is a climber of woody branches which stems likes to twin around another plants, although it is not invasive.

Its a beautiful plant that covers of lilac flowers in the form of spikes, hanging in an arched way on a bushy tuft of dark green colour. These flowers appears by the end of the winter to spring.

Neutral or a bit acid type of soil always with a good system of drainage as it does not stand in soggy soils, mix the soil with sand for a perfect media.

As Hardenbergia does not like cold weather it can be grown in a green house or indoors in a pot during the coldest temperatures.

When cultivated in pots add liquid fertilizer since the end of the winter to the summer to provide nutrients to the plant.

When cultivated outdoors add a new lyer of good soil, rich in organic nutrients.

Trim the plant after the flowerig, this way we can encourage new flowering and avoid empty stems at the base of the plant.

African lilac normally does not suffer from disease or garden pests, if any, it can be aphids when cultivated as indoor plant, a good ventilation and cleaning- like a shower to pression- of the plant will help to get rid of them. 


Data sheet

Hardenberiga violacea. Australian lilac
Australia, from sea levels to mountain levels.
2.5mtrs high and 1.00mtrs wide
Clusters of lilac flowers on dark green foliage, which appear from the end of the winter to the spring. There are also varieties in white or pink
Direct sun or partial shade.
Deep waters, when the soil is dry. Not to overwater. In winter is sufficient in having a moist soil.
For trellys, pergolas, walls, archs, also at the edge of high troughs.s
Sales format
Although can tolerate very short periods of frost, it cannot live under -4ºc. And with temperatures of more of 30ºC, it is convenient to place it in a semi-shade area.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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