Alstroemeria Aurantiaca



Alstroemeria Aurantiaca or Peruvian Azucena is a brightly colored plant for spring and summer.

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Alstroemeria Aurantiaca is a tuberous evergreen herbaceous plant which belongs to the alstroemeriaceaes family.
It is relatively easy to grow, and will add a touch of colour in the garden.
It blooms through  the summer and even part of the fall, until the cold weather arrives, but cut the plant back when the flowers are over to get a second flowering.
After this, we'll better cut back again it leaves and will leave it resting until next spring. In areas of frost it is much better to cover the ground with mulch.
It normally does not suffer from any particular diseases or aphids, but possibly some snails that we can avoid with natural product such as ashes, beer, or sawdust, or with specific product such as "caraquin"
It is very important to avoid the waterlogged soil.
It is very well known at the florist's as it is a very beautiful and long lasting flower once it is cut.

Name Alstroemeria Aurantiaca.
Origen Chile and Argentina.
Height Up to 1 m
Color Bicolor, pink, purple, yellow…
Flowering From June to November.
Location Sun or shade.
Irrigation Moderate.
Applications Flowerbeds, flowerpots and it is a court flower for branches.
Others It resist until -5ºC
Sales format Pot 17cm.
Note Being this product alive plant and depending on the season, the plant can be received not exactly the same as in the photography, without impacting the quality of the same

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