Syagrus romanzoffiana

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Syagrus romanzoffiana or Queen palm is a fast growing palm tree. Very popular plant of medium size. Arched leaves provide this palm of a magestic type form. 


Syagrus romanzoffiana is a palm tree of medium size, very well known and popular belonging to the family of the arecaceaes.

This magestic palm is also known as Queen palm or the Cocos palm.

It is a fast growing palm tree and its feathery leaves are dealt in an arched way around an unique trunk. 

Its ripe fruit is orange yellow.

It prefers rich and sandy soils and a direct sun exposure. 

Water abundantly without flooding during the summer, reducing these irrigation as the cold progresses.

Once established it is resistant to periods of drought. 

Syagrus romanzoffiana is a fertilizer demander, especially in areas of limestone soils. 

Recommended fertilizers rich in manganese and iron to avoid yellow leaves.

Indoors cultivation is not recommended because of the quantity of light that he needs. However, if the space is wide and with plenty of ligh it might thrive.

It shows some tolerance to the cold.

This palm tree has become a plant widely used in the construction of landscapes, due to its rapid growth and  its beauty.

Consulted sources in addition to our experience with this palm tree.