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The GO!Tunia® is an annual plant with colorful flowers that are exhibited abundantly in spring.


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The GO! Tunia® belongs to the family of the solanaceaes and is one of the starts plants of the annuals during the spring, due to its beautiful bloom of very different colors.

No tolerant to cold weather, it also may lose its splendor in the summer with high temperatures and the humidity of the environment.

When stems grow too long trim them slightly and get rid of the wilted flowers to encourage new flowering.

Appreciates frequent irrigations with  fertilizer for flowers plants during spring.

Control the attacks of aphids, whiteflies and spider mites,  and use a proper insecticide  if necessary.

To avoid white powder, do not overwater your  GO! Tunia® and sow them with enough space among them to allow air circulate among the plants.

It is more comapact  and more resistant than its very similar relative "petunia".


Name GO!Tunia®
Origen Sudamérica
Height 30-50cm
Color Violeta, roja, morada, blanca
Flowering Primavera
Location Sol
Irrigation Abundante
Applications Ideal para macetas
Others No soporta el frío ni las heladas