Flocculant 5 litres


Powerful flocculant that removes particles from the water, thus preventing turbidity.

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Flocculant to increase the transparency of your pool water.

Clarifies the water by binding suspended particles to form larger ones that will settle to the bottom of the pool or be captured by the filtration equipment.

Maintains its effectiveness with ph between 6 and 9.


Add the product in the evening, once bathing time is over.

Maintenance dose: once a week add 0.1 of flocculant per 50m3 of water.

Shock treatment: the dosage will depend on the degree of dirt, it is recommended to start with 0.5lde flocculant for every 50m3 of water and repeat the dosage until the water is clarified.

Spread the product as evenly as possible over the surface of the water. Leave to act for several hours (it is advisable to leave it on at night) with the treatment plant stopped. Then pass the filter cleaner and start up the filtration equipment.

Composition: polyhydroxychloro aluminium sulphate 10%.