Irrigation programmer 4 zones EZPro Jr. Indoor Controller


Indoor automatic irrigation programmer Signature

4 zones


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• Nelson exclusive SELECT&ADJUST™ programming

• Programmable delay between zones

• Three independent programs

• Three start times per program (9 total starts)

• Stacking start times

• Three scheduling options to suit the needs of plant material or to comply with watering restrictions (days of the week, 1-30 day interval, true odd/even)

• Event days programming per program

• Rain Sensor bypass option

• Leap year compatible-automatically includes Feb 29th every four years

• Water budget option reduces or increases watering 0-200 percent

• Advanced water budget to set water budget for each month of the year

• Two test cycles (Manual with ManualAdvance™ feature and Cycle)

• Programmable run times from one minute to 1 hour 59 minutes

• Poly-fuse self resetting circuit protection.

Type of batteries: AA