Ray grass seeds. 1kg.

Seed for lawn Ray Grass English. It is one of the varieties most commonly used worldwide for its easy implementation.
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English Ray grass  or Lolium perenne is the most well known among the numerous varieties of lawn grass seeds in the world, as well as the most used one due to its rapid germination and its great coverage.

Offers a high aesthetic value in gardening. Its roots are shallow forming small clumps.

It develops better in cold or moderate climates, even supporting frosts. 

In warm climates it is normally used during the winter for re-sowing Cynodon dactilon lawns that usually tun yellow during the winter, or to improve spoiled lawns.

It is tolerant neither to the drought, nor to the heat, nor to the shade, although it offers resistant to treading. 

Dose 1 kg: 30 m2 approximately.