Ilex aquifolium. Holly



Ilex aquifolium or holly tree iits a shrub of glossy green or variegated leaves and red berry which is very popular for Christmas time.

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Ilex aquifolium is a shrub tree which belongs to the Aquifoliaceae family and of which there are more than 200 cultivars.

The interest of this plant lies on the wavy shape of its leaves, and its nice green dark colour with red berries, in addition to its toughness.

Holly thrives in practically any type of soils, as far as they are not overwatered, which means that it needs a good drain system.

Needs a female and a male plant for pollination, which is carried out by the bees, as this is not an autofertile plant.

Ilex is a shrub or small tree that is quite tough, it can resist drought periods when is an adult and also quite close exposure to the sea.

During the firsts years, when still is settling the roots it is convenient to cover the roots with a layer of peat or mulch in areas of very low temperatures with frost and snow, to provide it with a better protection.

Another preventive measure is not to change it of place when it is a mature tree, if needs to be transplanted better to do it in may or september, as the roots are very sensitive to movements.

If the tree is spoilt or damaged, trim it quite down, leaving two or three buttons, although it grows very slowy it will recover, when the necesaries cares are provided.

Normally it is not necessary to prune holly, although needs to be cleared from weak, spoilt or broken branches.

En caso de que pueda aparecer alguna plaga de jardín, es conveniente limpiar con la manguera a presión varias veces hasta su desaparición, o poner algún producto para su erradicación, mejor siempre si no es nocivo para el medio ambiente. También puede ser que sufra de pudrición u hongos si regamos en exceso.

In the case of garden pests, clean with water with the hose to pressure several times until it dessapears, or use some biological product. Another problem it might happen is rotting due to an excess of water.

Name Ilex aquifolium. Acebo.
Origen Este arbusto o pequeño árbol es nativo de zonas del sur y centro de Europa, el oeste de Asia y zonas del norte de África.
Height Puede crecer entre 9 y 15 mtrs. y alrededor de 5 mtrs de ancho.
Color Hojas verdes oscuras o variegadas y bayas de color rojo
Flowering En primavera, pequeñas, blancas y olorosas, en invierno aparecerán las bayas rojas.
Location Sombra o sol suave.
Irrigation Moderado,
Applications Como ejemplar, también para setos medianos o en macetas y contenedores.
Others Aunque puede soportar periodos de heladas, las hojas sí van a sufrir, pueden quemarse.