Cup Metrosidero Excelsa

Metrosidero excelsa is an shrub or little tree very resistant and compact which red flowers are shown in spring or beginning of summer. Can resist sea conditions. Is very used to make hedges.
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Metrosidero Copa: A Vibrant Addition to Your Garden

Brief History: Metrosidero Copa is a charming shrub belonging to the Myrtaceae family, known for its beauty and resilience. Native to the southern regions of Australia and New Zealand, it has captured the hearts of gardening enthusiasts worldwide. Its history traces back to the Australian lands, where it has long been used as a nectar source for birds and as a beautiful cut flower in floral arrangements.

Description: This compact shrub boasts a delightful appearance, with growth reaching heights of 150-180 cm and a width of 90-150 cm. Its flowers, a standout feature, attract birds with their abundant nectar and are also ideal for floral arrangements. Metrosidero Copa is a perfect choice for small gardens, borders, low hedges, or screens, as its compact shape adds a vibrant touch to any landscape.

Caring for Your Metrosidero Copa - Watering and Fertilization: Metrosidero Copa thrives in acidic, moist, well-drained soils and is comfortable in full sun or lightly shaded areas. While it can tolerate drought, it grows best with regular watering to maintain its splendor. Proper fertilization in spring and summer will help keep it healthy and vibrant.

Adaptation to Cold and Heat: This shrub is versatile when it comes to adapting to weather conditions. It can tolerate both cold and hot climates, making it suitable for a wide range of climates and garden settings. However, in extremely cold climates, it may require additional winter protection.

Pests and Diseases: One of the advantages of Metrosidero Copa is its resistance to pests and diseases. While care should be taken with greenhouse red spider mites, scale insects, and other insects, in regular garden conditions, this plant is usually trouble-free. Keep a vigilant eye for any signs of pests and take preventive measures if necessary.

Maintenance: After flowering, it's advisable to trim Metrosidero Copa to shape it and stimulate healthy growth. Propagation can be done from semi-hardwood cuttings, giving you the opportunity to expand your collection of these beautiful plants in your garden.

Metrosidero Copa is a magnificent and versatile addition to any garden, whether as a foundation plant, in Mediterranean gardens, along wall borders, or in containers. At Viveros González, we offer these plants with the highest standard of quality so you can enjoy their beauty and elegance in your own green space. Add this plant to your garden and watch as it attracts birds and adds a pop of color and vitality to your surroundings.


Data sheet

Metrosidero Excelsa
New Zealand
Up to 7 m
Grey-green leaves, red flowers
Winter, spring and summer
Sales format
Pot of 17cms
Can resist sea conditions

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