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Duranta erecta o repens C17

Duranta erecta or repens is a rustic and compact shrub, evergreen, widely used for the realization of hedges. Resistant to maritime zones. Rapid growth.
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Duranta erecta or Duranta repens or  golden dewdrop is an evergreen of fast growing from the  verbenaceaes family.
Atractiveness of this plant resides as much in its foliage as in its flowers and subsequent berries.
Another of its main characteristics which makes it so interesting is its fast growing and ease to be trimmed.
Lushy and relative small leaves,  hanging flowers in purple or lila, also white and yellow berries. _toxics_
While in warmer climates flowering appear almost during the whole year, in colder climates just when the temperature is higher.
In colder climates better to cover roots with a layer of bark to protect them.
Sow it in a direct sun position with several hours of sun per day to get optimal flowering.
Ferlize by the end of winter or the beginning of spring with special fertilizer for flowering plants. 
Trim duranta erecta when necessary to keep a formal hedge.
Prune for cleaning and shaping, if the Duranta is growing like a shrub in the garden or in a pot.
In cold climates prune at the beginning of spring in the case that it is necessary to make a more drastic pruning.
It does not tend to be attacked by any plague, just control the excess of water that may cause fungus or rot roots.
There are varieties of duranta erecta with and without thorns.

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Data sheet

Duranta erecta. Duranta repens. Golden dewdrop
South American, Mexico and Florida.
Between 5.00 and 2.50mtrs.
Green leaf and purpl, lilac or white flowers. Yellow berries.
Almost the whole year in warmer climates, and the yellow berries go out in autumn – winter.
Sun or partial shade
Moderate. Less tolerant to drought periods. Not soggy soils at all.
Hedges, windbreak, as a tree or specimen.
Sales format
Pot 17/20 cms
Medium temperature 15ºC to25 ºC. No frost tolerant. Min. recommended temp: -1ºC -6ºC the roots.
Being the product a living plant and depending on the season, this plant could be received, in some cases, not exactly the same as in the photography, but as similar as possible, without impacting on quality of the same.

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