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Rhododendron ponticum, Rhododendron.


Rhododendron belongs to the genus Rhododendron and belongs to the family Ericaceae and includes more than 1000 species of shrubs and trees native to Asia, Europe and North America.

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The Rhododendron, commonly known as Rhododendron, Ojaranzo, and Revientamulas, hails from the Caucasus and the Iberian Peninsula. With a history spanning various regions of the world, this evergreen shrub has captured the hearts of gardening enthusiasts with its exquisite beauty.

Description: Rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs with a compact habit that can reach heights of up to 4 meters. Their oblong-lanceolate leaves are a vibrant green on the upper surface and light green on the underside, adding a touch of freshness to their surroundings. But what truly sets Rhododendrons apart are their attractive flowers, which appear in clusters and can come in various colors, such as violet, red, white, or lilac, depending on the variety. These flowers dazzle with their splendor in the spring.

Care - Watering and Fertilizing: To maintain the beauty of your Rhododendron, it's essential to provide the right care. These shrubs prefer partial shade in the garden and dappled light indoors, and they require good ventilation.

Regarding soil, Rhododendrons thrive in acidic soils, such as a mixture of chestnut soil, peat, and forest soil. If transplanting is necessary, it should be done in early spring.

Watering should be regular to keep the soil consistently moist without overwatering, as they do not tolerate drought. In summer, it's advisable to periodically mist the leaves with non-calcium water when growing indoors.

Before and during the flowering season, it's recommended to fertilize the plant with mineral fertilizer every 15 days. In the fall, compost can be used for fertilization.

Adaptation to Cold and Heat: Rhododendrons are renowned for their cold resistance but should also be protected from excessive heat. In colder climates, they thrive outdoors, while in warmer regions, it's advisable to plant them in partially shaded areas and provide additional watering during the hot months.

Pruning and Common Issues: Generally, pruning is not necessary for Rhododendrons, but after flowering, slight branch trimming can help maintain a compact and tidy appearance.

Be aware that Rhododendrons can be susceptible to mites and aphids if they experience drought or inadequate ventilation. Keep a close eye on these potential issues and take measures to prevent or address them if necessary.

Propagation: If you wish to expand your collection of Rhododendrons, you can propagate them through cuttings or layering in early summer, allowing you to enjoy their beauty in different areas of your garden.

At Viveros González, we offer a selection of high-quality Rhododendrons for you to add elegance and color to your garden. Discover the beauty of these versatile plants and create a charming environment in your home with our carefully selected Rhododendrons.


Data sheet

Rhododendron ponticum.
Hasta 3 m
Hojas verdes, floración roja
Primavera y verano
Como arbusto o en maceta
Resiste ligeras heladas y tiene mucha tolerancia a las altas temperaturas
Al tratarse de planta viva y dependiendo de la temporada, la planta puede ser recibida, en algunos casos, no exactamente igual que en la fotografía, aunque sí lo más parecida posible. Sin que ello repercuta en la calidad de la misma.

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