K-RAIN K5 Select turbine sprinkler

  • Up to 30% less water. 
  • Four nozzles preinstalled interchangeable easily from the head of the sprinkler. 
  • Arc adjustable, between 40º and 360º, the beginning of the turn from the right. 
  • Easy handling, can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver. 
  • Radio range between 8 and 11 meters.
VAT included
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  • Four nozzles preinstalled, that are s
  • elected from the head of the sprinkler. 
  • Adjusts the consumption of water depending on width of rotation of the sprinkler, 
  • If the reciprocator is regulated to 90º requires less water flow 
  • If the reciprocator is regulated 180º, needs more water flow 
  • With this system is achieved save up to 30% water.

With this system you can save up to 30% water. 

Selecting the nozzle according to the arc of rotation: 

  • N º 1 40 º a 135 º 
  • N º 2 136 º to 225 º 
  • N º 3 226 º to 315 º 
  • N º 4 316 º to 360 º 

If the sprinkler is regulated 180 º, it needs more water flow 
with this system saves H Till 30% water.