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Senecio Mandraliscae (Balsamo azul) C13


Senecio Mandraliscae belongs to the genus Senecio, of the Asteraceae family, which includes more than 5,000 species of shrubs, succulents, herbaceous and aquatic plants. 


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This plant is scientifically known as Kleinia repens.

They are succulent plants with a covering or creeping habit that can produce roots on the stems and do not usually exceed 30 cm in height. They have attractive, cylindrical, fleshy, bluish-green, fleshy leaves with pointed tips. The flowers are small and cream-coloured but fragrant. They flower in summer and part of autumn.

They are used as ground cover plants for embankments and dry areas in the garden, on walls and in hanging pots and planters for patios and terraces.

This plant can live in full sun and light shade. In very hot summer climates they prefer semi-shade. They do not withstand frosts below -3°C, it is advisable to keep them above 6°C in winter.

It likes commercial cactus substrates or a mixture of 50% garden soil and 50% coarse siliceous sand.

It should be watered moderately in spring and summer at the rate of one watering every 2 weeks. In winter, one watering every month and a half is sufficient.

It is not a plant that needs fertiliser.

It can be lightly pruned after flowering to control its growth.

Senecios do not have major pest and disease problems if they are not over-watered.

They are best propagated from stem cuttings taken in spring or summer.)


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