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Fig tree or Ficus carica is a small to medium size tree of which its sweet fruits are vey much appreciate starting the end of the summer.

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Explore the exquisite beauty and functionality of the Fig Tree (Ficus carica) with Viveros González. This fruit tree, belonging to the Moraceae family, captivates with its Mediterranean charm and abundant production of edible figs. Its origins can be traced back to the Middle East, where it has been cultivated and adapted over centuries.

Origin and History:

The Fig Tree has its roots in the Middle East, including countries such as Syria, Iran, and Greece. The variety cultivated today is the result of the crossbreeding of several species found in the wild in regions like Iran, Arabia, India, and Ethiopia. This diversity explains the wide range of cultivated fig trees available today.

Care and Irrigation:

To ensure healthy growth, the Fig Tree thrives best in Mediterranean climates and outdoors throughout the year. In colder climates, it is crucial to protect it from freezing temperatures. Irrigation should be generous during the summer, decreasing in winter. Fertilization is ideal in spring and autumn to promote optimal growth.

Pruning and Maintenance:

Pruning the Fig Tree is essential to stimulate vigorous growth and abundant fruiting. It is recommended to prune before spring flowering, removing up to two leaves after they have grown 6 to 8 leaves on the branch. Additionally, it is advised to replant it every two years in spring or summer, using substrate composed mainly of Akadama or a mixture with volcanic clay.

Pollination and Flowers:

The flowers of the Fig Tree are found inside the fig, and most cultivated varieties have only female flowers. Successful pollination requires the presence of a male fig tree with male and female flowers, as well as the intervention of a hymenopteran insect, such as Blastophaga psenes, which will transport the pollen between flowers.

With proper care and diligent attention, the Fig Tree from Viveros González will not only add a touch of Mediterranean charm to your surroundings but also delight you with a delicious harvest of figs year after year. Seize this opportunity to cultivate this fruity gem in your own garden!


Data sheet

Higuera. Ficus carica
Puede alcanzar los 10 mtrs de altura
Hojas verde y más claras cuando son jóvenes. Corteza grisácea.
No importante
Sol o media sombra
De moderado a poco.
Para el cultivo de sus frutos. También como árbol ornamental o para sombra en verano.
No es un árbol para zonas de heladas prolongadas.

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