How to take care of your plants in summer: five gardening tips

Posted By: Adrian Medina

Summer is the best time to enjoy our garden and all the effort we have invested in it during the year. But it is also a very hot season, in which our plants suffer as much as we do.

In our previous article we were telling you to protect the garden from high temperatures, but there are also several maintenance tasks that must be done during this time, to ensure that our plants continue growing as strong as ever.

In this article we are giving you five simple summer gardening tips.

Garden maintenance task for the summer


Don’t forget to prune

Pruning is a fundamental summer task for our plants to remain healthy. Between mid-July and early September it is good to perform a pruning to eliminate dead stems and leaves that interfere with the growing of the plant.

Climbers plants tend to grow out of control. With a good pruning we order the foliage and allow the light to reach all the leaves uniformly. Also, summer will be the time to return its shape to bushes that have grown too much during winter and spring.

The summer season is as well the ideal time to clean our palm trees, so common in Mediterranean climates. But given how difficult it can be to access the highest ones, this work is usually left to expert gardeners, who have the necessary safety equipment (if you need it, in Viveros González we offer a palm cleaning service).


Remove the withered flowers

During the flowering period of our flowering, we must eliminate the withered flowers. This way, we allow the rest to continue growing strongly and help our garden to maintain its colourful appearance.

This work is very important in flower pots, but also in climbers and shrubs such as oleander, which during this month are nearing the end of their flowering period.



Apply plant-protection products

As we have explained before in our blog, the presence of pests becomes a very common problem in summer. Now more than ever we have to apply plant-protection products.

The grass is very prone to suffer fungi, so a good fungicide will allow us to combat the appearance of the dreaded yellow spots. In the rest of the plants we must be alert to the presence of mealybugs, aphids and other unwanted visitors.

For a few years now, the presence of the red weevil is increasingly common in our palm trees. This beetle nests inside the trunk and devours it inside, causing the plant to die. To avoid it, it is very important to apply a specific plant-protection product for palm trees.


Water as much as needed, but never at midday

In summer, our plants need more water than ever, because their soil dries more quickly. But remember to always do it when the sun is low. Otherwise, the sunlight may overheat the water and cause damage to the leaves and the plant itself.



Check automatic watering system

Now that our automatic watering system will be working more often, it is important to check it out, in order to make sure it works well. Check that the programmer is activated when it should, that the nozzles are unobstructed and that there are no waterlogging or leaking.


With these simple tips your garden will keep growing well during the summer.


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