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Annuals are those plants of ornamental use perfect to give our garden the touch ofcolours. Follow

its progress during the season . Know our catalogue of plantsa at Viveros González.


In this section you will find perfect shrubs to show off in your garden. Check out our proposals to make the most of every corner. Online store of Viveros González.


If you are thinking of planting trees in your garden or farm, Viveros González brings you proposals and ideas. Check our online store and benefit from our prices. And if you can't find it, give us a call. 952.83.00.57

Aromatics and Culinaries

Our catalog of culinary and aromatic plants. Plants that will provide your home and dishes with a unique smell and taste. Know more at Viveros González

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Croton or Codiaeum variegatum stands out for the striking color of its leaves. Perfect indoor plant or to give color to a tropical garden
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The Ixora is a kind of shrub plants from tropical areas of Asia and known for their colorful flowering.
Lavandula angustifolia, lavender officinalis or English lavender is robust, small in size and large flowering
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Myrtus communis or myrtle is an aromatic, evergreen shrub with compact foliage, often used for creating little hedges.
Phoenix roebelenii or dwarf palm tree, it is a palm tree of not more than 3 meters, ideal for small gardens or for flowerpots and containers. Easy to cultivate and resistant to drought periods.
Pyracantha coccinea is a shrub with pretty orange berries during winter.
Rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis is a small classic bush of the Mediterranean garden, also used as a culinary plant.
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Salvia officinalis offers a white or mauve bloom, so it is widely used in the garden for borders or low hedges.
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Vick is the name with which the plectranthus tomentosa is known because its smell reminds us to popular "Vick vaporup". Easy to cultivate and to reproduce.
Kumquat is a dwarf orange tree with very striking small fruits that remain for a long time on the tree, making it very ornamental.
Classic rosebush, with big flowers. Strong, powerfull, elegante. The most popular between the rosebushes.
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Wisteria sinensis or wisteria is a climber that at the beginning of spring is dressed in spectacular clusters of mauve, pink or white flowers.
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